And One Basketball Hour: “NBA Offseason Awards Show!” Edition

And One Basketball Hour NBA Paul Ables Angelo Carriero Episode 2

And One Basketball Hour: “NBA Offseason Awards Show!” Edition

On the “And One!” Basketball Hour, Paul Ables & Angelo Carriero talk all about legacy and current happenings. We keep an eye on the past and an eye on the present. Here, you’ll get an analysis of current NBA stars within the context of league history.

The 2nd episode of “And One!” is our ‘Way-Too-Early NBA Offseason Awards Show’! Angelo & Paul hand out funny & insightful “awards” to the players and teams highlighting this offseason. By keeping an eye on the past & on the present, our show analyzes current NBA happenings within the context of history. Key segments: awards show intro (5:36), “Grass Isn’t Always Greener” award (10:09), “Obviously Tanking” award (14:53), “Most Exciting New 2K Player/Team” award (20:41), Angelo’s brilliant “Revisionist NBA history” take(26:56), Gordon Hayward talk (37:18), Denver Nuggets buzz (40:33), Jimmy Butler hype (43:50), spittin’ fire on the Hornets (51:40), “Sneaky Time On the Rise” award (1:00:29), extra rapid-fire awards (1:18:55), the Spurs’ fall? (1:21:16), and teasing our “Top 10 of All-Time” lists (01:22:38).

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  • Debbie
    July 9, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    Great podcast for NBA fans! I will be tuning in to future episodes. Your awards were hilarious 🙂

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