And One Basketball Hour: “Blacktop Tapes Vol. 1” Edition

And One Basketball Hour: “Blacktop Tapes Vol. 1” Edition

On the “And One! Basketball Hour”, Paul Ables & Angelo Carriero talk all about NBA legacy & current happenings. We keep an eye on the past and an eye on the future. Here, you’ll get an analysis of current NBA stars within the context of league history.

We’re bringing our podcast game to the streets in this 6th edition of the “And One Basketball Hour”. Featuring our first-ever “Blacktop Tapes” show, this was just a free-flowing basketball conversation between Angelo & Paul. No show structure, no filter, just bare bones hoops talk. We open up with a Wilt vs. Russell smackdown! Other topics discussed include hating Houston’s “Moreyball”, Steph and Durant’s ridiculous offensive games, LeBron battling them and less hate for the NBA’s top franchise. Tune in for unfiltered and loose goodness from the “And One” crew!

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