And One Basketball Hour: “The Great Kobe Bryant Debate!” Edition

And One Basketball Hour Kobe Bryant

And One Basketball Hour: “The Great Kobe Bryant Debate!” Edition

On the “And One! Basketball Hour”, Paul Ables & Angelo Carriero talk all about NBA legacy & current happenings. We keep an eye on the past and an eye on the future. Here, you’ll get an analysis of current NBA stars within the context of league history.

Clay Ables, a lifelong Lakers fan, joins us on this 7th edition of the “And One Basketball Hour”! We finally dive deep into one of our most hyped debates: the legacy of Kobe Bryant! With “Black Mamba” as our centerpiece, Paul & Angelo join Clay to discuss Kobe’s ranking among basketball’s all-time greats. The polarizing aspect of Kobe is repeatedly brought up, whether it be his elite championship resume or his 38% shooting average in the Finals. Was Kobe the best player of his era? How does he rank compared to Shaq or Duncan? Should he receive more or less credit for his three titles won with O’Neal leading the way? Were other shooting guards of his time equal in talent, yet lacked the opportunity granted to the Lakers star? Lastly, we each list our favorite and least favorite Bryant memories. Tune in for this Mamba-centric episode!

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