1 Reason Why Gordon Hayward is the NBA’s 25th-Best Player

Gordon Hayward Player Pyramid Rankings 2018 NBA

1 Reason Why Gordon Hayward is the NBA’s 25th-Best Player

 To kickoff the 2017-18 NBA season, I updated my “CurrentRANK Top 25 NBA Players” rankings. You can access the full list here. To expand upon them, I am publishing a series of #PlayerPyramid articles. Starting at the “bottom of the pyramid”, I will give 1 reason why ‘Player A’ is the 25-best NBA player. Then I will give 2 reasons why ‘Player B’ is the 24th-best NBA player. This inverse trend continues all the way to the “top of the pyramid”, where I will provide 25 reasons why ‘Player Y’ is the #1-ranked NBA player.


25th-Best NBA Player: Gordon Hayward

  • Reason #1: Kyrie Irving called this guy “one bad dude”. If your new superstar teammate left LeBron Freaking James to come play with you, then you must be quite a bad dude. If the player who drained the most “one bad dude” shot in NBA Finals History (Kyrie’s Finals-clenching Game 6 fireball shot) calls you “one bad dude”… then you are officially a bad dude. If the best young head coach in college basketball recruited you when nobody else did, developed you into an elite college player, helped you nearly pull off the greatest shot in NCAA championship history, watched you morph into a NBA All-Star, left college for the pro’s, and signed you years later to help him lead the NBA’s most prestigious franchise back to championship glory… then you are probably “one bad dude”. Earning this moniker from a potential Top 10 NBA player carries weight, certainly enough to warrant being the 25th-best player in basketball.


The next article in #PlayerPyramid will give 2 reasons for DeMar DeRozan being the 24th-best player in the NBA.

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