3 Reasons Why Mike Conley is the NBA’s 23rd-Best Player

Mike Conley Player Pyramid Rankings NBA 2018

3 Reasons Why Mike Conley is the NBA’s 23rd-Best Player

To kickoff the 2017-18 NBA season, I updated my “CurrentRANK Top 25 NBA Players” rankings. You can access the full list here. To expand upon them, I am publishing a series of #PlayerPyramid articles. Starting at the “bottom of the pyramid”, I will give 1 reason why ‘Player A’ is the 25-best NBA player. Then I will give 2 reasons why ‘Player B’ is the 24th-best NBA player. This inverse trend continues all the way to the “top of the pyramid”, where I will provide 25 reasons why ‘Player Y’ is the #1-ranked NBA player.


23rd-Best NBA Player: Mike Conley

  • Reason #1: He’s a playoff assassin! In the 2017 playoffs, Conley led his Grizzlies in a 6-game battle versus the San Antonio Spurs. Despite losing the series, Memphis’ point guard earned raves for his stellar play. He posted by far the best postseason series of his career. His box score figures were impressive, but the advanced metrics were even more so. He showed up on the big stage, which is something that DeMar DeRozan (my 24th-best player) cannot yet claim. See Conley’s playoff stats below:

Conley's 2017 Playoff Stats vs SAS


Still not impressed? Watch his performance with your own eyes. The following video shows his Game 4 series-tying highlights:


  • Reason #2: This man is “Mr. Underrated” in the NBA. I would try and prove this with stats, but I’ll take a more direct approach. Rather, I’ll just let Mike tell you about his midnight phone conversation with Kanye West, who follows Conley’s game. This is not a joke, so plug-in and get ready to smile:

  • Reason #3: Apparently, Conley is very conscious of his fashion choices and puts a lot of effort into it. I had a blast reading this piece on ESPN, in which they went shopping for a day with the Grizzlies veteran around town. How can you not cheer for this guy?! He absolutely earns his placement on my #PlayerPyramid 2018 rankings. Any player who can rock this outfit deserves to be ranked 23rd or better in the NBA:

@stephencurry30 #espys

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The next article in #PlayerPyramid will give 4 reasons for Rudy Gobert being the 22nd-best player in the NBA.

The prior article in #PlayerPyramid provided 2 reasons for DeMar DeRozan being the 24th-best player in the NBA.

Let me know your thoughts on the series via comment below, or on Twitter @NBAStatsLab.

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