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Introduction & Mission

Hello, NBA fans! My name is Paul Ables and I run the website “NBA Stats Lab”. This is a true labor of love, as professional basketball has always been my favorite sport. As a young kid, hours were spent in the library reading books about the legend of Larry Bird and the heroics of Wilt Chamberlain. Growing up as a Pacers fan, Reggie Miller was my “David” to Michael Jordan’s “Goliath”… except that “His Airness” always prevailed. Shaq battled Duncan (and Kobe), LeBron changed everything, and now Curry and KD are on a warpath to immortality. Through it all, I’ve been a fan through and through.

So that explains the “NBA” portion of my site name. What about “Stats Lab”? Simply put, the league is experiencing a revolution in information. Basic statistics such as “Points Per Game” are being expanded upon with wild acronyms such as “VORP” and “BPM”. With the creation of advanced stats, fans have gained new ways to analyze their favorite players. When you’re debating the “Kobe-vs-LeBron” question with your friends, you want as much information as possible to back up your argument. Right?

That’s where this site aims to become a valuable resource. The mission of “NBA Stats Lab” that drives everything produced here is to “Analyze the League Like Never Before”. I do not want to produce redundant data seen elsewhere. Instead, thought experiments are continuously being performed with data. The input is downloaded and analyzed, then re-shaped into a brand new output that’s refined and produced here.

All of it serves our secondary purpose: to continually analyze the “legacy” of NBA legends and current players. No sport is better to debate player-vs-player than professional basketball. One superstar has such a large impact on the game, making it enthralling (and sometimes infuriating) to debate with your friends some of these questions:

  • “Was Wilt Chamberlain overrated? Is Bill Russell better than him?”
  • “Are championships or statistics more important when evaluating a player?”
  • “Is it better for LeBron to be 3-for-9 in NBA Finals than for Jordan to be 6-for-6?”
  • “Who was the better Finals performer: Curry or Jordan?”

Debating player legacy is ENDLESSLY FUN because there are no “right” answers! Rather, it all comes down to what your philosophy is as a fan. By analyzing and debating players in a historical context, you continually define what your basketball philosophies are. Therefore, it’s my goal to help spur those discussions by presenting new measures and information here in “The Lab”. Hopefully you find something fun and useful here.


Highlights of the Site


BLING statistics analyze player accolades won during their career. RINGscore assigns a numerical value to every single Finals series in a player’s career. NBA Finals Storyboards present statistical dashboards illustrating the “story” of each Finals series. SeasonLgLdr helps compare players across eras by defining their statistical dominance during the regular season. PLR Stat calculates which players had the most effective peak/longevity combo. There are many more measures on the site, which can be navigated via the menus.

Player Rankings

On another note, I can’t talk about player legacy without “planting a stake in the ground” myself! Therefore, I ranked the greatest players ever with my AllTimeRANK Top 50 list. This is more difficult than you think! I will continually re-assess the list, as more information becomes available and my basketball philosophy evolves. Eventually, I will add explanations for each player’s ranking. In addition, I’ve ranked today’s best players in my CurrentRANK Top 25 list. By all means, bring the heat and let me hear your thoughts! Tweet the site @NBAStatsLab.

Blog Articles

Blog posts will also be implemented. Pre-existing is already there, explaining further on BLING stats & writing alternate history stories. Heck, there’s even some NBA prose on Kareem & LeBron! Stay tuned as blog posts are regularly updated on the site.


Lastly, this website has an audio companion with the “And One! Basketball Hour” podcast. This consists of myself and Angelo Carriero (@AngeloCarriero8) of ESPN Radio debating the NBA on a weekly basis. The show’s motto is, “Keeping an Eye On the Past & On the Future”. This is reflected in our episodes, including some of the ones mentioned below:

You can tune in to the show via iTunes, Stitcher, Buzzsprout and Google Play. Also, follow the show and vote in its’ polls on Twitter @AndOneBball.


For access to my Google Doc on 2017-18 NBA “MOTION/ISO/AERIAL Shot” Leaders, click here:

For fans of my former website “Curious Measures”, click here to visit its’ Medium page.

I also contribute on Rotoviz NBA. Click here for my latest article:


With that, I’ll leave you to it. Thanks for visiting and please come back!

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