CurrentRANK: Top 25 Players

Below are my rankings for the 25 greatest players currently playing. In the future, player profile pages will be linked here. These will highlight the most important stats and accomplishments of each player.

**DISCLAIMER**: These rankings are subject to change. If they do, I will publish a blog post or podcast discussing the changes. As more information is researched about each player, and as my ranking philosophy crystallizes over time, I will challenge these initial results. Without continual re-assessment, these rankings become flat. So please keep this in mind!


CurrentRANK - Tier A - "The Best Players in the World"


CurrentRANK - Tier B - "Contenders For the Crown"


CurrentRANK - Tier C - "Elite Two Way Superstars"


CurrentRANK - Tier D - "Superstars With Room to Improve"


CurrentRANK - Tier E - "Best of the Rest"



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