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NBA Finals Storyboards: LeBron James


See below for the “NBA Finals Storyboards” of LeBron James. Each and every Finals series he played has been measured, analyzed and charted below. LeBron has played progressively better in the Finals over time, posting perhaps the greatest Finals ever with his 2016 win over the Golden State Warriors.

These “storyboards” were incredibly FUN for me to assemble, as I learned so much about the players and the teams involved in basketball’s biggest stage. I hope you enjoy reading them! For any questions or comments, tweet me @NBAStatsLab for some fun banter.¬†View from top-to-bottom to see each of his Finals performances in chronological order.

NOTE: I’ve graded each Finals series by calculating the player’s “RINGscore” value. Factoring into this calculation include a player’s box score performance, win/loss result, # of games played, the difficulty of competition, # of times player led a game in stats, the player’s statistical rank over his peers, high-game outputs, and more!


On to the stats and stories of “The King”…


1) LeBron James – 2007 NBA Finals – CLE vs SAS

Click to enlarge LeBron’s 2007 NBA Finals Storyboard. It’s more of a miracle that he led his team to this point, where they were outclasses by a far superior Spurs team.


2) LeBron James – 2011 NBA Finals – MIA vs DAL

Click to enlarge LeBron’s 2011 NBA Finals Storyboard. Fans were expecting a coronation, but “The King” played poorly and fell to Dirk’s Mavs.


3) LeBron James – 2012 NBA Finals – MIA vs OKC

Click to enlarge LeBron’s 2012 NBA Finals Storyboard. “The King” finally won his first ring!

4) LeBron James – 2013 NBA Finals – MIA vs SAS

Click to enlarge LeBron’s 2013 NBA Finals Storyboard. Despite ranking 1st in three categories, James needed an all-time great shot from Ray Allen to secure his back-to-back titles.


5) LeBron James – 2014 NBA Finals – MIA vs SAS

Click to enlarge LeBron’s 2014 NBA Finals Storyboard. Nothing could stop one of history’s “most beautiful offenses” from blitzing to the title. James’ stint with the Heat ended here.


6) LeBron James – 2015 NBA Finals – CLE vs GSW

Click to enlarge LeBron’s 2015 NBA Finals Storyboard. With his superstar teammates down with injuries, LeBron put the team on his back in an epic performance. Despite losing to the better team, “The King” put up some of the greatest numbers ever seen in a Finals series.


7) LeBron James – 2016 NBA Finals – CLE vs GSW

Click to enlarge LeBron’s 2016 NBA Finals Storyboard. This is the highest RINGscore I’ve graded, hands down. This performance had it all: elite stats and rank, high efficiency, and defeating a superior team as an underdog. Check it – James led all teams in PTS, REB, AST, STL and BLK!


8) LeBron James – 2017 NBA Finals – CLE vs GSW

Click to enlarge LeBron’s 2017 NBA Finals Storyboard. This was a different series than before, because of Kevin Durant. Despite a great effort, the Cavs lost again.

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