Shaquille O’Neal

NBA Finals Storyboards: Shaquille O’Neal


See below for the “NBA Finals Storyboards” of Shaquille O’Neal. Each and every Finals series he played has been measured, analyzed and charted below. From Orlando to Miami, with a LA 3-peat stuffed in-between, Shaq laid down his claim as arguably history’s greatest ever Finals performer.

These “storyboards” were incredibly FUN for me to assemble, as I learned so much about the players and the teams involved in basketball’s biggest stage. I hope you enjoy reading them! For any questions or comments, tweet me @NBAStatsLab for some fun banter.¬†View from top-to-bottom to see each of his Finals performances in chronological order.

NOTE: I’ve graded each Finals series by calculating the player’s “RINGscore” value. Factoring into this calculation include a player’s box score performance, win/loss result, # of games played, the difficulty of competition, # of times player led a game in stats, the player’s statistical rank over his peers, high-game outputs, and more!


On to the stats and stories of the one and only Shaq…


1) Shaquille O’Neal – 1995 NBA Finals – ORL vs HOU

Click to enlarge Shaq’s 1995 Finals Storyboard. He wasn’t quite ready to defeat “The Dream”.


2) Shaquille O’Neal – 2000 NBA Finals – LAL vs IND

Click to enlarge Shaq’s 2000 Finals Storyboard. His legendary, exemplary, eye-popping stats deserve to be seen in HD.


3) Shaquille O’Neal – 2001 NBA Finals – LAL vs PHI

Click to enlarge Shaq’s 2001 Finals Storyboard. Big Diesel destroyed Mount Mutombo in this matchup.


4) Shaquille O’Neal – 2002 NBA Finals – LAL vs NJN

Click to enlarge Shaq’s 2002 Finals Storyboard. O’Neal gets his 3-peat & stamps his legacy as a Top 10 player.



5) Shaquille O’Neal – 2004 NBA Finals – LAL vs DET

Click to enlarge Shaq’s 2004 Finals Storyboard. The result is ugly, though. You’ve been warned.



6) Shaquille O’Neal – 2006 NBA Finals – MIA vs DAL

Click to enlarge Shaq’s 2006 Finals Storyboard. Wade carried the way, but Shaq played big to earn his final ring.


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