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NBA Finals Storyboards: Tim Duncan


See below for the “NBA Finals Storyboards” of Tim Duncan. Each and every Finals series he played has been measured, analyzed and charted below. Duncan may not have been the flashiest player, but he played biggest on the brightest stage. He’s tied for 2nd all-time in Finals MVP’s, winning it 3 times. His 2003 performance stands out as one of the best ever, as he set the Finals record for blocks & closed out the series with a near quadruple-double.

These “storyboards” were incredibly FUN for me to assemble, as I learned so much about the players and the teams involved in basketball’s biggest stage. I hope you enjoy reading them! For any questions or comments, tweet me @NBAStatsLab for some fun banter.¬†View from top-to-bottom to see each of his Finals performances in chronological order.

NOTE: I’ve graded each Finals series by calculating the player’s “RINGscore” value. Factoring into this calculation include a player’s box score performance, win/loss result, # of games played, the difficulty of competition, # of times player led a game in stats, the player’s statistical rank over his peers, high-game outputs, and more!


On to the stats and stories of “The Big Fundamental”…


1) Tim Duncan – 1999 NBA Finals – SAS vs NYK

Click to enlarge Duncan’s 1999 NBA Finals Storyboard. The Spurs rolled through the strike-shortened regular season and the Finals, with Duncan leading the way. They surprisingly played the 8th-seeded Knicks, who could not contain Big Timmy.


2) Tim Duncan – 2003 NBA Finals – SAS vs NJN

Click to enlarge Duncan’s 2003 NBA Finals Storyboard. This is as good as it gets, folks. Duncan led EVERY GAME in blocks and rebounds. He led 4x in scoring. He finished 1st overall in scoring, rebounding and blocks. Lastly, he set the NBA Finals record for blocks in a series. This stands out as his crowning Finals achievement.



3) Tim Duncan – 2005 NBA Finals – SAS vs DET

Click to enlarge Duncan’s 2005 NBA Finals Storyboard. In an all-time defensive battle, Duncan’s team emerged victorious in Game 7. Timmy earned his 3rd Finals MVP award in this series.


4) Tim Duncan – 2007 NBA Finals – SAS vs CLE

Click to enlarge Duncan’s 2007 NBA Finals Storyboard. With “RINGscore”, players earn more points by winning a Finals series in fewer games. This explains Duncan’s high score, as San Antonio swept the Cavs. He also ranked top 3 in PTS, REB, AST, STL and BLK.


5) Tim Duncan – 2013 NBA Finals – SAS vs MIA

Click to enlarge Duncan’s 2013 NBA Finals Storyboard. Despite no longer being a superstar, Duncan still anchored the middle for an incredible team. Ray Allen’s last-second 3-pointer in Game 6 helped steal the title away from San Antonio, handing Timmy his first Finals loss.


6) Tim Duncan – 2014 NBA Finals – SAS vs MIA

Click to enlarge Duncan’s 2014 NBA Finals Storyboard. Talk about one of history’s best “revenge” Finals! The Spurs blitzed the NBA and romped through the playoffs. Their “beautiful offense” stole the show, but Duncan also performed admirably for his age and earned his 5th ring.


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